What is health?

What is health?

Definition & Importance

Health is a great blessing from our God Health medicine is linked to the environment Where the environment is clean People there are less sick

And where there is more pollution, people get sicker When the world came into being, the atmosphere of the world was clean Then after that, as the population grew

And humans began to rely on other mechanisms to meet their needs So the environment started getting polluted because of these machines When the environment started getting polluted in the beginning

People didn’t pay attention to it In addition to increasing the pollution, they also started cutting down trees Trees play an important role in keeping our environment clean

Instead of protecting these trees, we started damaging them We began to suffer from this in the form of various diseases In the beginning, people didn’t understand it

Why people are suffering from these new diseases But when scientists began research, they found that As man progresses And with the new development comes a new disease

Most of the people are getting sick due to climate change Why are these climate changes happening? These climate changes are due to over-cutting of trees

People are cutting down more and more trees But not planting new trees Which is why climate change is happening Sometimes the cold is excessive, sometimes the heat is intense

Sometimes more or less rain All of this is happening because of climate change This is greatly affecting human health We all have to think together about the future to come

What kind of environment do we need? Can we raise our children in this environment or not? Earlier the ground water used to come out clean but now the water is rusty and smelly

Because this water now includes sewage water How can you stay healthy after drinking this water?

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