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Viewers are now turning to the latest updates and the latest updates are amazing.And let’s talk about the situation that has made everyone really sad, and that is the attack on the Tariq camp, which led to many martyrs.
On this, you are the only one in the cohorts, but the fans are also very upset.But who carried out this attack? Many people thought that this attack was carried out by Nicola La. But the audience has the most to do with the papacy.
They are trying to deceive Usman Baig by becoming Ta Jir. And they are showing Usman Baig as if they are Muslims.But Usman Baig also knows the real truth and that is why Usman Baig has assigned the duty of his special fighter Boran Elp.He will keep a close eye on them.
Another thing that has bothered the fans is whether or not Balak Aslan will again turn against Usman Baig or will he again conspire against Usman along with Yankola?So the audience will make it clear to you that Yabliq Arsalan will not take any action against Usman now.On the coming fronts, he will stand side by side with ‘Uthman, or he will fight alongside the soldiers of the tribe of Balak.
Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground Observers will also agree that the truth about the divorce has never come to light. And Tarrkan has put us in trouble too, but thankfully the details we have given about Tarqan have proved to be somewhat accurate.
But will the Tarkan woman get better or not? So the audience has very little chance of this because Tarun has fallen in love with Usman Baig.And when this condition comes upon man, he does not have the understanding of right and wrong.And here, too, the Tarqan woman may be required to avenge the slap from Usman Beg, but the Tarqan’s father will surely remind him of Usman’s kindness, and he will do his best to repay that kindness.
Now let’s talk about Dandarba, some time ago we mentioned in a video that Dundarbay will last till the end of this season. But recently when the new trailer came out which showed the scene of killing Dundar Bay, many people asked that you said that Dundar Bay will be gone by the end of the season, but Usman Baig ended it. Is
So after the whole episode, everyone knows that Dundarbay has got another chance to improve.But will Damdar go unscathed? Let me tell you – the chances of improvement are slim.And Reich tells us something like this, but it was only the last chance for Dundarbe, because he won’t get another chance.
And Usman Beg will keep a close eye on it and after that any mistake of his will be eliminated.But viewers, as we mentioned at the beginning of the video, we are going to ask you a very difficult question, so the question is, do you think that Usman made the right decision by leaving Dundar Bay alive? Or is it a mistake?
Which may also cause damage to the Qai tribe Regarding this decision of Usman Baig, he will definitely tell us in the comment section whether Usman Baig corrected Dundar Bay or wrong?
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