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Even though he will be the enemy of the traitor Usman Baig, but here Usman Baig will definitely get the benefit that he will not only succeed in gaining the trust of the accursed woman but he will also be able to tell them that now the traitors and enemies They have to compete together to compete.

And now the accursed woman will agree to support Usman Baig.So let’s talk about the most important situation of Korlus and today we will tell you whether the character building of Korlus Usman has been completed or not?

Because after the entry of new characters, the fans thought that maybe no new entry will be shown this season.So let me give you a big update in this regard that the character building in Corals is not complete but there are still some big characters to come and so far where Usman Baig’s enemies have increased, now Usman Baig’s allies and We will see friends too

And now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, the big heroes and the villains.Upon his arrival, the difficulties of Usman Baig will increase even more, but when Usman Baig will be seen surrounded by difficulties from all sides.

Then after that the entry of Usman Baig’s great hero will be shown and possibly he will be a great hero.But now we are going to tell you when the entry of Targat will finally be shown. So, as the audience is moving forward, the time of entry of Targat Alp is also approaching.

Now one important thing you may have noticed here is that one entry after another of Usman Baig’s enemies has been shown but no friend of Usman Baig has been shown.

In other words, if no new friend of Usman Baig has come, then such conditions are being created in Corals which are pointing towards a big surprise entry.But let me tell you another important point here that the entry of Turgut Alp will not be before Commander Qalanoz that Qalanoz will also be a part of the war against Usman Beg and will also martyr the Ottoman soldiers.

After which a large front will also be prepared.And this front will be the biggest front of the season, that is, the biggest battle of the season will be shown because even in history, that war was very bloody and a big war.

And then on the eve of the same historic battle, the Battle of Enagol, a huge entry will be made of the Algate.But there is also the question of whether there will ever be a competition between the Turgut Elp and the Tuga.

If you look, Tughae has also come in a huge Whelan Corals, but after that it was also thought that Tughae and Turgat Alp could also be seen competing.In this regard, if we look at the historical references, then the Alpine not only took part in many wars against the Byzantines and the Mongols, but also showed the way to hell with its ax to countless infidels.

But there is no explicit mention of Turgut in the history books, especially with regard to the battle with Tughai.However, there are definite references to their encounters with the Mongols and to the wars, and they are also found in reference to the period that is now being shown to us in Corlus Uthman.

But viewers, the most important thing about the character of Targat here is whether we will get to see the old or the new.So far, the Corals team has kept the secret completely secret and if there are any doubts about the old Turgat, no announcement has been made about the new Turgat.

But the Corals team is also well aware that any decision they make against the wishes of the fans could lead to severe criticism.

That is why the audience is sure that Corals will come and go in Usman, but here you will tell us whether you think the fans will accept the change in the role of Turgut or not?

Will you tell us your opinion about your hot favorite character, should there be a new trend in Corals or an old one?

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