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Audience In today’s video we are going to give you some great facts and information about which many friends also asked questions.

Because while the current situation and events of Coral Usman have increased the curiosity of the fans, there are also some reservations of the viewers.

We are going to tell you about them and at the same time today we are going to give you great information about the character building of the characters of Corals, which heroes and which villains are yet to come and when they will be shown. Will

But before that, let’s answer this question from the last video, and surprisingly, that question turned out to be a difficult one.

And no one was able to give the correct answer except one or two friends and that is why we said that the answer to this question is thought provoking.

The question was whether the two roles would play a significant role in achieving the Mongol commander’s goal.

One of them belonged to the Byzantines and the other to the Qai tribe. So the traitor belonging to the Qai tribe was known to almost everyone, but many friends did not give the correct answer about the other role played by the Byzantines. ?????

But here we are telling you that the name of this character is Commander Kalanoz.Many friends here were imagining Peters, but Commander Qalanoos will play a key role in the success of the Mongol commander’s goal, as the Mongols aim to attack Usman Beg as well as his family.

In this regard, Qalanuz will martyr an important member of the Ottoman family.We will tell you more details in this regard in a special video but today we are going to give you some great information and we will talk about whether the character building of Korlus Usman has been completed or there is still some shortcoming.

Which heroes and villains are yet to come.What a surprise the Corals team is going to give us in regards to everyone’s heartfelt devotion.

Will we get to see Turgat and Tughaya compete or not? A new traitor may also appear here and who will he be, and how will he be helpful to Usman Beg?

And will there be any change in the character of Turgut or not?We will tell you all these details but first let’s talk about a new traitor who will come before us soon.

But the interesting thing here is that the new traitor will prove to be beneficial for Usman Baig on the one hand and the biggest grievance that the accursed woman has been embracing from Usman Baig and Qai tribe is the presence of traitors in Qai tribe.

Due to which the atheist had even written in a letter sent to Umar Baig ie his father that he should not ally with Usman Baig.

But now a new traitor will emerge from the tribe of atheists, who will play a major role in capturing and identifying the atheists in this regard.

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