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Sultan Sanjar is buried in Murree.His role in the play is shown from his childhood, he was born but his mother had some allegations about the kingdom.
Due to this, the palace could not be brought up, but the Sultan had made special arrangements for its upbringing.And Nizam-ul-Mulk Ahmed, the minister of the empire, played a role in helping him in this task.
Nizam-ul-Mulk made special arrangements for the protection of Ahmed Sanjar.When Sultan Malik Shah passed away, no one was nominated for his post.
Due to this, all the brothers fought among themselves and in Anatolia, the first successor of the College Arsalan I Malik Shah was appointed.Who founded the Roman Empire of Silaj, his brother Tutish I became ruler in Syria.
When his son Mahmud I established the kingdom in Iran.He had clashes with his three brothers, Barqiyaroq in Iraq, Muhammad I in Baghdad and Ahmad Sanjar in Khorasan.
After the death of Tutash I, his sons Rizwan and Duqqad inherited the bill in Hilda and Damascus respectively.And because of their disagreement, Syria was divided into several parts.
In the year 1188, Ahmad Sanjar, who was ruled by various emperors, seized the kingdom, which was not recognized by his nephew and son of Muhammad I, Mahmud Sani.And established his capital in Baghdad, declaring himself sultan.
However, in 1131, it was finally removed by Ahmed Sanjar.Then Ahmed Sanjar’s empire continued to grow, after his death the empire fell.
One sultan after another failed to nurture the empire.The Mongols attacked the empire like a whirlwind, and in 1260 the Mongols invaded Anatolia.
Gradually took over the whole empire.The Sanjuk Empire came to an end in 1299.
If we talk about the family of the Sultan, then he married Mohtarma Tarqan Khatun bint Arsalan Khan, the owner of Samar Qand, and she went with her husband in all her travels and wars.He was imprisoned twice. When the Sultan lost the battle of Qatwan, he released him by paying 500,000 dinars.
The second time she was arrested again with Sultan Sanjar when the Sultan was defeated by Ghaz.And Sultan Sanjar, loyal to his wife in his entire family, did not try to escape from the captivity of Ghaz which remained in his captivity for the whole three years.
He died in the same condition in 551 AH.Sultan Ahmad Sanjar had no son.There is a mention in history of a daughter of Sultan Ahmad Sanjar, whom the Abbasid Caliph later married in 518 AH.
He built a magnificent house on the Tigris River for the daughter of Sultan Ahmed Sanjar,This was the Sultan about whom Allama Iqbal had said that Shaukat-e-Sanjro Saleem is the prophet of your glory, the audience is our real hero.
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