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His name was heard all over the world, even the Mongols in the West were afraid of his name.Sultan Rukn-ud-Din Peirus defeated the Mongols with his own numbers and was victorious in the Crusades.He was also the commander of the Egyptian army that defeated King Louis Ninth of France.He also pitted the weak and underdeveloped army against the French monarch and forced them to flee.The Muslim world knows very little about this great hero.
A hero who fought the battle of his political existence with great reluctance.Behind him there was no tribe that ever sold itself in the bazaar for just a few dinars.But the one who knew how to face adversity, the one who never gave up and the one who never gave up hope.The name of Sultan Rukn-ud-Din Peuris, a descendant of Tar, means that the word Emerald Noble is also taken to mean the ruler of Peoris, while cheetah is the general meaning of the word.
Audience The era of Rukn-ud-Din Pius is considered an ideal era for the protection of the kingdom in Syria and Egypt.When it eliminated the fear of European invaders from the region.It was a shield that protected these areas from Western invaders eager for the Mongols and the Crusades.The people of the region were able to breathe a sigh of relief, and it also expanded the Egyptian empire.If you are new to our channel, please subscribe to our channel info at Adil before we talk more about the life of Azreen Rukn-ud-Din Peuris.
Where you will find unique information, especially on Islamic history and the world in general.Rukn-ud-Din Pius’s ancestors lived in the Dasht-e-Kagjag, north of the Black Sea.However, there is some history in the history of birth. It is said that he was born between December 12, 1227 and November 29, 1228.In some historical books, in 1247, his age is recorded as about 24 years, which makes his birth year 1277.His family left the Mongol tribe and reached Bulgaria in 1942. Soon the Mongols overran Bulgaria.
Later they were sold again and this sale became the death of the Mongols.First this slave was sent to the slave market of Swas.He was later sold to another slave market in Ghamma. A high-ranking official brought him to Egypt with the intention of promoting him.
But luckily there was more to learn.Because when their master was captured by the ruler of Egypt, Al-Ayyub, all the slaves also went into custody.King Ayub made Peoris the commander of his army.
He also emerged victorious in the Battle of Law Four, a battle fought in eastern Gaza.After defeating the Mongols in 1260, he became the conqueror of Egypt.Saif al-Din Qatuz died after being wounded in battle, and was crowned on October 24.
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