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In the twelfth century AD, in the captivity of Genghis Khan, a bloodthirsty Mongol tornado arose from the north of Sahara Gobi.Which took over the world in just a few months.The governments of China, Khwarizm, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Baghdad proved to be walls of sand against the Mongol armies.
The Mongol invasion meant the Bedrich massacre and the complete destruction of the city.The world had recognized that it was impossible to compete with these prostitutes.The Mongols are invincible.The Mongols first played with the bricks of Khwarizm and then with the end of the Abbasid Caliphate which lasted for more than 500 years.
They built skull towers in Khawarizm, so much bloodshed in Baghdad that it was impossible to walk for long because of the mud and filth in the streets.The status of Muslims in this auspicious period was like that of a kite.Muslims did not look psychologically competitive.In such a situation, the Mamluk Empire established in Egypt was like a dim empire.
The same empire whose reins were in the hands of slaves and slave boys.The next target of the Mongols was this Muslim state.The last state whose defeat would have been the last nail in the coffin of the Muslims.The Mamluks, too, were fully aware of this dreadful danger.He knew very well that if not today, then tomorrow this battle will be fought, and this battle took place.
It was September 1260, that is, twelve sixty, and the field was Ain Ja Lot.The Mongol Muslims were on the verge of ending their political existence.Like a storm that swept away great empires like a wish.Today his opponent was Mamluk, led by Sultan Rukn-ud-Din Pewers.The same Pewers who once sold themselves for just a few bucks.Despite the scarcity of resources and literary inferiority, Peoris had to win the battle anyway.
In order to maintain the political survival and independence of the Muslims, the last resort was to fight till the last arrow and the last breath.Before the war, there was a fierce battle between power and madness.When the powerful Mongols wielded their swords, it was the most difficult task to stop them.But today, when the Mamluks stopped the war, the swords would heal, and then when they retaliated, it would be difficult for the Mongols to stop.
The Mongols tried their best to terrorize the Mamluks but it was not the army that would die.He had never encountered such a fanatical army. He first retreated and then fled from the Mongol battlefield.The Mamluks cut them off like radishes.The matter escalated to the point that the fleeing Mongols were also killed by civilians.And the illusion that the Mongols were invincible was buried forever in the plain of Ain-Zalot.
The spectator slaves won the battle of Muslim political existence under the leadership of Rukn-ud-Din Peuris and earned this honor to the rest of the world.After this battle, the Mongol advance was not only halted, but in the years that followed, Peoris recaptured the Mongol slain territory.After a spectacular defeat of the Mongols, Rukn-ud-Din Piwaris became known all over the world and was called Abu al-Fatah, the father of conquests.
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