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It was great fun, brother. We were all already happy that Usman Bay had been chosen as the leader of the Kai tribe. But Korolosh’s new episode turned out to be even more spectacular. 


Viewers In this video we will talk about the new trailer of Korolosh, but at the same time today we will also inform you about some amazing facts. You will be very happy to know them, which have not yet been mentioned in Korolosh Usman. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.


Audience Today we will talk about how Korolosh Usman will now be even more successful than Darrell Ertugrul. We will tell you whether the upper lady will die after poisoning the targun woman. Is the upper lady leaving Korolosh? Alcohol, just as Halima Sultan was prematurely dismissed from Ertugrul.


And we’ll tell you what action Flatius is going to take after his release. And now what will become of Targun Khatun? We will tell you all the details, but first let us tell you that if you think that Korolosh will have less fame than Ertugrul, then it is a misunderstanding of all of us. 


And I will tell you the reason for this, after which you too will be satisfied. And the reason is that Ertugrul Ghazi had made a promise to Usman Ghazi before his death. That Usman will achieve more than Ertugrul and if he fails to do so, it will not be fair.


It is now certain that ‘Uthman will achieve greater successes as promised to him without hesitation. At the same time, the popularity of Korolosh Usman will increase immensely. Now let me tell you, will the woman above die after poisoning the Targun woman?


Viewers are told that love is blind and that it forces a person to do something If he did not even think of it, we have found a living example of it in Korolosh Usman.


Yes, this is a situation that has shocked the fans with reference to this lady in Korolosh Usman. The reason for this is that not long after the departure of our favorite character Ertugrul Ghazi, at the same time, Targun Khatun has given the above woman the poison that Nicola had given to Kai Sardars.


At that time Targun did not use it but now Targun who has used it no one expected it. In other words, in order to get Usman Bay and marry him, Targun Khatun went to the extreme. And now if you think that nothing will happen to the woman above, then it is absolutely wrong.


The poison that was given to the lady above was to be given to the Kai chiefs, that is, the poison that came from Nicola, you can well imagine the danger. So the question is, will the woman above die? AUDIENCE: This is a very disturbing situation but the encouraging news is that the life of the woman above will be saved.


But at the same time, the bad news is that the woman above will be sick. And they may even go to the state of the nation. But viewers, here is one of the most important updates. Which will continue for a long time but after this treatment the woman above will also have the happiness of children.


Which he and Usman Bay have been waiting for a long time. So those who thought that the woman above was about to leave or that she would die, So that’s not going to happen at all, because the Korolosh team will never make the mistake of saying goodbye to Ertugrul in such a short period of time. 


So it is certain that the upper lady will now stay in Korolosh. Now let’s talk about Fletius’s audience. One thing that has become of great concern to the Kai tribe is the escape of Fletius. Because Fletius is a very dangerous enemy.


But now that he has escaped, what will be the next target of Fletius? Because before that he was a mortal enemy of Ertugrul and he wants to harm the descendants of Ertugrul. And now he will definitely try to attack Usman Bay, Sauchi Bay, Gunduz, but even here the biggest obstacle in the way of Fletius will be Bamsi Bay who is willing to sacrifice his life to protect the children of Ertugrul. Will be


Now another new situation that has arisen in Korolosh is what will happen to Targun Khatun after poisoning the above woman. Here we will give you an important update. But at the same time, the wish of the fans has been fulfilled that marrying Usman will become a dream for Targun. And fans have never wanted Targun to ever marry Usman Bay.


So the question is, will Targun remain a prisoner in the Kai tribe? Or will he be free? Audience Here we can see an interesting situation. And that is that just as Targhoon released his father, so his father will do his best to get him imprisoned. And here we can see the situation that Usman will put before Targun’s father the conditions that Targun will never accept.


But they will still have to accept those conditions. And in this situation, it is possible that Usman Targun will make an agreement with his father if he leaves the Kai tribe. If they do not try to harm the Kai tribe again, then Raghun may be released.


And Targun’s father will gladly accept any condition in which his daughter is killed, and thus they may be exiled.

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