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Sinjar enters the Salmazar fort to free his companion and esoteric companions, although his entry is no less dangerous. Because the king of Salmzar Qala has given a warning to Sinjar. If I see you in Salmzar again, I will never leave you.
Sinjar is moving to free his comrades She sees the carpenter weighing Torna soon catches Sinjar and says what are you doing here I thought you were a good person Today I saw your real face. First you slapped my father in the face and now you have entered the Slims and Fortress.
You must be a hypocrite. Sinjar tries to explain to Torna and says I can’t tell you anything right now But I promise I will tell you first about the mission I am on. But Torna still doesn’t leave Sinjar and says tell me first. When Sinjar sees, Torna doesn’t believe him, so Sinjar puts a handkerchief on Sinjar’s face and makes him faint.
And then he goes and frees his comrades. Sinjar releases the esoteric companions so that they can gain their confidence in the esoteric. After releasing them, the carpenter takes them to the esotericists. They are very impressed with the carpenter and add the carpenter to their group.
In this way, Sinjar fulfills his first mission beautifully. Haji Sahib, on the other hand, devises a plan to expose the esotericists to the king Haji Sahib’s plan is to invite sacred things from Damascus and to convey this secret information to the esoteric that all the sacred things are coming to the Seljuk Empire.
The esotericists think that if this sacred thing went to the Seljuks, everyone would turn to them. And then our importance in the region will diminish. The esoteric seeks to attain these sacred things at all costs. The esoteric turn the face of a river at night so that the caravan does not pass through the path but through the path we want.
Haji Sahib informs Malik Shah that our sacred things are coming today and they will definitely attack them inwardly and they will try to snatch these sacred things from us. Malik Shah obeys Haji Sahib and prepares an army to fight the esoteric The next day Haji Sahib and Malik Shah take their lashkar and come to the road through which the lashkar has to pass.
On the other hand, the esotericists give the bow to the carpenter to get these sacred things and say that you are a brave man and also intelligent. So you will bring these sacred things to us. The carpenter obeys the mystics and goes to get the sacred things.
The king, on the other hand, waits for the caravan to pass by and attack him inwardly. But even after a long wait, the caravan does not pass by Malik Shah angrily asks Haji Sahib where the caravan is, there is nothing here So we see no caravan and no esoteric and never bring the matter of esoteric before me again. Just end this matter now.
Haji Sahib’s spy arrives in such a short time and says that at night the esotericists have turned towards the river. Now the caravan is going to the other side. Malik Shah takes his army and goes this way. Other esoteric soldiers attack the caravan, but Sinjar does not fight the caravan
In such a short time Malik Shah also arrives and destroys all the mysteries of a great battle Sinjar hides his face. Sinjar competes with Malik Shah’s other son The two have a fierce battle but Sinjar only defends himself and does not raise his sword.
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