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The toast in the story after this has further increased the curiosity of the fans.
 Will you tell me how Analmeen was seen in the forest in the trailer, how do they get there? Will the abandoned woman succeed in saving her father?
The next episode will see what a great battle and action-packed scene. The new chiefs of the Ertugrul Bekai tribe have chosen names. After all, who will be the new leader? What mission are Gundoz and Sauchi Bay going on together?
Tujir Kotai was with them when they went through the fields of Usman Bay. But when the tribe arrives, Jair Kotai is not with them. What will happen to the attempt to elect a new chieftain as soon as Ertugrul Bay is alive?
Who will be held responsible for all this? Gehatan while the Mongol is sitting on the throne. What great punishment is he going to give to Usman Bay for plotting murder against him? In addition we will give you a lot of important information. 
Let’s start with this scene first Where the episode ended. When the battle to elect a new chief of the tribe reached its climax, it was seen that Ertugrul Bay was sitting on the seat of the right chief. And when everyone goes to the tent, everyone will be surprised and ashamed.
This is because despite the fact that Ertugrul Bay was alive, there was an attempt to make a new chief. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Ertugrul Bay who knows who was trying to do what during the jirga Here, too, Ertugrul seems to be angry with Beasuchi and Dandarwe.
Usman Bay is very happy here but surprisingly Usman Bay will also be criticized for taking such big steps without permission. You see Ertugrul Bay meet the white-bearded chief. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. 
But here everything is going to be contrary to your expectations. Because everyone is thinking that Ertugrul Bay will take the name of Usman Bay for the new leader. But it will not happen. Let me tell you the reason. You saw that Arghoon Khan was dead and that the Mongols were sitting on the throne.
Clearly, he is now more powerful. On the other hand, you saw that Usman Bay along with Yawlak Arsalan tried to kill the elephants. In this case, the first answer given by the Gehats was that the time to hand over the Soghoth and Kolo-ja-Hissar to the Byzantines was only three days.
But it will not end here. He will now try his best to kill Usman Bay. And if Usman Bay is made the leader, then who will be more hostile to Usman Bay? Ertugrul Bay who is trying to save Usman Bay once again And that is why the chiefs will not elect him. So that they do not fall into the eyes of the enemy.
Now the question is which of Saochi or Gunduz will be made the chief. So the best chance is that they will take the name of Gunduzbe. Because you all saw that during all this, Gunduz seemed to cool the fight. And instead of calling himself Sardar, he said that he was on the side of Ertugrul Bay. 
Even before that, in season 3, you saw that Usman Be Gunduz had been made the chief of the Kai tribe. Speaking of Sauchi Bay, who had the biggest hand in extinguishing this fire, it is very unlikely that Ertugrul Bay would name Sauchi Bay for Sardar.
But to see more lust for their chieftainship, Ertugrul can also take the name of Be Sauchi. One of the reasons why Usman Bay’s name was not brought forward for the Sardari is that Usman Bay who is still doing his own thing. And if they are made leaders, then they will not listen to anyone.
After that, there are many scenes in the trailer that did not come to the notice of many people. When the battle scenes were shown, Usman Bay was fighting with all the Alps and Bampsi Bay Byzantines. Even Tarkin has been seen fighting. The first point is that, surprisingly, Usman Bay is not in this fight.
Secondly, in the fast-moving scene, it is seen that the father of the Targun woman, Bayanal, was imprisoned by Nicola in the fort of Ainigol. They are in the forest where everyone is fighting. And they’re still tied up. What’s really going on here? In fact, Anal Bay is being sent to another place and Usman Bay’s spies have conveyed this news to him.
But the chances are slim It also looks like Nicola sent Anal Bay to the place herself. And set a trap for Usman Bay. It is possible that Targun saved his father here. You must have liked Jair Kotai’s scene very much. Even before that, Jalkotai’s character was well-liked.
But as we said, Jair will be a Tai Muslim and will be seen with Usman Bay. But Jalkotai was accompanied by Usman Bay by the Hats. But when Usman Bay arrives with the tribe, Jaltootai is not with them. You see, Jalkotai wants to atone for his sins and become a Muslim. So we think Jalkotai is with Colonel Abdal at the moment.
And will soon become a Muslim. After which he will be seen with Usman Bay. In addition, another suspense-filled scene has emerged In which Sauchi Bay and Gunduz are seen going somewhere together. So you know that the Kaiyas have been given only 3 days to return the gift and the fort. Now the task of resolving this issue will be given to Ertugrul Be Gunduz and Sauchi.
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