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And he is still constantly plotting against Usman Ghazi And not only the Mongols but also the Byzantine rulers And together with them, Kai is plotting against the tribe When Goktok became a Muslim, he secretly started helping Usman Ghazi.

But Jerkotai became suspicious of Goktuk. He saved Goktuk’s life on several occasions. And they were both very close Because Jercotai and he were both veterans After Goktok became a Muslim, it was Jerkotai who revealed the origin of Goktok to Balgai.

After Balgai was killed by Usman Ghazi, Jerkotai fled to Konya. From Konya he contacted Gikhatu and then, through a conspiracy, took Gikhatu and again came to Sugut with the intention of destroying the Kai tribe with his conspiracies.

And as soon as he reached Sugut, he met Usman Ghazi’s uncle Dundar Bay and his elder brother Gonduz. In which he said to obey Gikhatukhan which was rejected by Dundar Bay and Gonduz Bay. Jercotai first conspired with Gikhatu’s son to conspire against Gikhatu.

But he was frightened by Gikhatu’s fear and accepted Gikhatu’s obedience He then teamed up with Gikhatu to start raising concerns for Usman again in Sugut. He also imprisoned Usman Ghazi. His cunning and cunning continued until he was captured by Bamsi Bay.

Let the drama serial Corlos Usman tell the viewers that as we told you, this is a fictional character. That is why, given his popularity, Mehmet Bozdagh has decided to change his character And it is possible that he soon converted to Islam and fought alongside Usman Ghazi.

Because Jerkotai has in the past been associated with people who have converted to Islam and are serving as soldiers of the Qai tribe. There are two main reasons why Jerkotai is a Muslim A Goktok who was formerly a companion of Balgai and Jerkotai and may have become a Muslim like Goktok.

And the second reason is Valak Arsalan who was a partner of Jerkotai and now he has also become a Muslim and joined Usman Ghazi. So it is quite possible that Jarkotai will also become a Muslim and support Usman Usman Ghazi is the reason why Jerkotai is a Muslim.

Impressed by Uthman’s reaction, Jarkotai will convert to Islam and work for the Qai tribe. In this regard, the words of Kamral Aqdal which he said for Usman Ghazi are also noteworthy. Take care of this crazy boy, Usman Bay. I like him. Viewer Korolos Usman’s role as a Mongol commander is well-known.

But a study of historical books reveals that no Mongol commander by the name of Jerkotai has ever existed in history. And in particular, none of the commanders who came to Anatolia with Balgai or Gekhatu were named Jerkutai. That’s why it’s a fictional character, like most characters.

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