Friends, at the beginning of this episode, Haji reveals the secret he hid from Malik Shah years ago. And Malik Shah finds out that his wife, whom he thought was dead, is alive

Everyone is upset by the revelation of this secret And Malik Shah feels a big shock. Friends, this drama has entered into very interesting stages On the one hand, the occultists occupy Shalmazar On the other hand, Malik Shah’s cousin Turan Shah came to Isfahan for the throne

And on the third hand, Hassan Sabah’s alliance with Malik Teqish At the same time, Haji’s distance from Malik Shah shows that the drama has reached a critical juncture.

Revealing the secret of Nizam-ul-Mulk

Ali has the most important role in revealing the secret of Nizam-ul-Mulk Because Ali sent a letter to Malik Shah that Hassan Sabah had taken Sinjar’s mother hostage in Shalmazar. To save him, Sinjar and Tapar had secretly entered Shalmazar But he failed to save.

And now I am waiting for your order On the orders of Malik Shah, Ali Busholo rescues the woman from Hassan Sabah and takes her to the palace And thus the secret of Nizam-ul-Mulk is revealed.

Malik Shah’s anger over Nizam-ul-Mulk

When Malik Shah Bashul sees a woman alive in front of him, he calls Nizam-ul-Mulk You are responsible for all this and this whole game is made by you So come before me right now Haji Malik appears before Shah Malik Shah says how can you do all this.

You lied to me. You said that Bushulu had died at the time of my birth And you showed me his grave And I still think my wife is dead And I stayed away from my son to this day at your request, and why did you do this to me?

Nizam-ul-Mulk responds I did all this to save the state and you If you only knew he was alive, you would see him And I witness how much you loved them Then Malik Shah says angrily if I can keep my son away from me And I can stand the distance

So I could bear this secret in my heart And you will be punished for it So you will stay away from this palace until I make a decision about you And they will not come before my eyes.

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