Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 23 part 2 in urdu dubbing

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 Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 23
However, there is evidence of their status and presence because the Pope had set up a special army of his own, which included his special agents.
Whose job was to harm Muslims through conspiracies, that is, you can call it part of the Guerrilla War.
And no one can deny that whenever Muslims have fought wars face to face with their enemies, they have been victorious.
And if defeated, the elements of espionage and treason clearly played a role, and this is not just a matter of the Ottoman period, but of almost all periods of history.
And a great example of this can be found in another Turkish series based on history, the great sujok, where an esoteric man like Hassan Sabah never fought directly against the Sanjuk state.
However, history has shown that he inflicted irreparable damage on the Sanjuk Empire through his conspiracies, so Peters has the same role here because he is an expert in brainwashing rather than sword which is more dangerous.
But now that you have been told who Peter’s real rival is in Corles, who will be involved in exposing Peters?
So let me give you an important piece of information here that in direct enmity and war, Usman Beg is competing with Tughae and Nicola, so in history, spies have been competing with spies in such wars.
Where every spy tried to not only harm the enemy through his espionage but also to play an important role in catching the spies of the opponents.
So here Peters will face Usman Beg’s spy Zulfiqar who is living in the fort in disguise and here he will succeed in defeating Peters and will expose him in front of Usman Beg.
And so Usman Beg will put an end to Peters and his friends, that is, soon the conspiracies of Peters will not only come to an end, but Usman Beg will also find the tunnels that Peters has made in Sogut.
And these tunnels will be occupied by Usman Baig. Now let’s come to today’s question, because today’s question is not only different but also full of interest.
So you must tell us that if there comes a time when modern weapons run out and arrows come to fight swords again and you also get a chance to use a weapon, which weapon should you master? ?
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