Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 23 part 1 in urdu dubbing

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 Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 23

Commander Qala-e-Nawz is a very important character, but which Qala-e-Nawz is the real Thawwa who died in the first season or what will be shown in this season?

Will we see two big spies compete with each other in Corals Usman? We will inform you about all these details but first let’s talk about a new enemy of Usman Beg who will soon join us in Corals Usman. Will see

And this enemy will not be an ordinary one either, but historically it was such a dangerous enemy that did a lot of damage to the Ottomans. Yes, we are talking about Commander Qala-e-Nawz.

But when we gave updates on the arrival of Qalanoos, many friends raised the objection that when Qalanooz has already ended in the season, how can it be re-entered?

After all, which of the two is the real character, let us give you important information regarding the fact that the commander who will be shown to us now is in fact the real Qala-e-Nawz, about whom history also clearly tells us.

And the same commander Qala Nawz also took part in the battle of Domanish against the Ottomans and wounded Sauchi Beg who was later martyred for some reason.

That is to say, the Qala-e-Nawzab shown to us historically was a real character and it also means that the enemies of Usman Baig are going to increase even more.

Now let’s talk about the enemy of Usman Baig who has not only gained the trust of Usman Baig but has become very dangerous for Usman Baig while living very close to Usman Baig.

And that is the character of Peter, but here the question arises whether there is any mention of Peter’s character in history or not?

In this regard, today we are going to give very strong information that there are characters like Peters in history, but they were not as important characters as Aya Nicola or new characters and the reason is that they are spies. Used to work

Because their most special and dangerous thing was that they were not direct fighters but worked on secret missions.

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