Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 22 part 2 in urdu dubbing

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 Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 22
Viewers have been seeing these rumors circulating very fast for some time now in which we have heard that Corals Usman has been made boring.
And it’s not the same thing as before, but at the same time, fans are anxiously awaiting the new installment of Corals.
And it is heartening to see that somehow we get to see all the episodes at once, so this is a great proof of the fact that the ratings of Ko Rals have not decreased.
On the contrary, a series based on many other histories has now been launched and an unfair comparison is being made with Corals Usman.
Can you all tell me if there should be some changes in the chorus or not?And besides, that’s another very important thing we’re going to do with you today.
And that is that on Friday we always greet you all on Friday, but some friends objected to the greeting on Friday, saying that it counts as bad.
That is why this time in Friday’s video we did not say Happy Friday because we will try to get authentic information in this regard.
But before that, if any of you have any authoritative references regarding Friday greetings, please share them with us in the comments section so that if there are any doubts in this regard, they can be removed. Coins
So if any of you have authentic information regarding Friday’s greetings, please let us know.
And here we are going to give you some great updates on Corals and tell you what will be shown in Corals next.
You will also like today’s video because today we are going to tell you how Usman Baig will be seen eliminating his enemies.
That is why today we will talk about the time for the end of Peter in Corleone, but who will end it?
Who will have the biggest hand in exposing Peters, a very important question is whether the strong character Peters shown or going to appear in Corles is also a real character or a fictional one?

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