Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 22 part 1 in urdu dubbing


Viewers Historians have made some assumptions about Omar Baig, the father of the accursed woman. One of them is that Omar Baig, the father of the accursed woman, owned a manor called Umar Jagir

Now, the question must have arisen in the minds of the people here that this is not the same Amr Ghari tribe.

Dalers was shown in Season N5 of Ertugal, which also had a female member.But the viewers are not like that. They are another tribe of Umar and Ghari while the Umri tribe of the atheist woman is another.

And this confirms that the accursed woman and her father were Turks.Now in both cases Umar Beg was an important figure in the Turks and there is also a difference of opinion among the historians as to whether the name of the father of the accursed woman was Umar or Amr and therefore It should be called Umri tribe or Amori tribe.

And Omar Baig was either a military officer of the Sanjuki Empire who allied with Usman Ghazi, or he was a Turk chief who fully supported Usman Ghazi in establishing the Ottoman Empire.

Now the viewers come to this part of the video which is the feat that could not be done by Ertughal Ghazi but was done by Omar Baig, the father of the accursed woman.

The audience, then, is to join hands with Usman Ghazi to defeat the Byzantines and establish a Turkish state, and this was something that Ertughal Ghazi could not do because of his death.

Or should it be said that life did not give them respite.According to several billion historians, including Dr. Ali Muhammad al-Sulabi and Misr Roglu, they conquered the fortress of Chloe Chaiser together with Usman Ghazi, but then fell ill and fell into further conquests. Usman could not support Ghazi

But here Omar Baig, the father of the accursed woman, played the role of Usman Ghazi’s father Mohsin, the patron saint and a warlord.

And in every possible way, he helped Usman Ghazi in the war by spending his influence, soldiers and wealth of his tribe, because according to most historians, Usman Ghazi was married to an atheist woman and this marriage was performed by Ertughal Ghazi. It was done in life.

So Omar Baig, the father of the accursed woman, had started supporting Usman Ghazi on every front and at every opportunity in the life of Artagul Ghazi.

And so along with the accursed woman, Umar Baig was also involved in every effort and struggle of Usman Ghazi in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.
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