Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 21 part 2 in urdu dubbing!

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Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 21

Now you may be wondering where the signatures of the above woman went if there are separate women.So, viewers, this document of Maqijay Awqaf, which is signed by these Goans, is dated March 1324 and we know that the above woman passed away on January 1324.

Therefore, the name of the upper lady is not included in these witnesses, therefore the viewers of modern times also confirm that the wealthy woman or the charming woman was a separate woman from the upper lady whose father’s name was Omar Abdul Aziz Baig.

Now the audience knows about the history of Omar Baig and historians have two opinions about him.

Some historians say that he was a minister in the Sanju Empire, while others say that he was the leader of a Turkic tribe.

Viewers, this was the time when Sanju’s kingdom was completing its last days. Were fighting among themselves.After the Battle of Qosdaki, the Sultan of Sanju was in a way a tax collector of the Mongol Empire, and at the same time the princes of the Sanju Empire were fighting among themselves for this childish raw power.

Some of the Turkic tribes were with one prince and some tribes were with another prince and so on.

Usman Ghazi, who was obedient to Sanju’s kingdom and had taken an oath of allegiance to it, saw these circumstances and declared independence from Sanju’s kingdom.

It must come to mind here that this action of Usman Ghazi was a rebellion against the kingdom of Tosanjo, but it is not so, because after the conquest of the fortresses of Chloe Chaiser and Crochiser, the third throne of Sultan Aladdin Sent valuable gifts to Usman Ghazi and also allowed him to add his name to the sermon.

In order to avoid confusion, please explain to the audience that in the history of the kingdom of Sanju, there have been three kings named after the qabats of Sultan Aladdin, the first of whom were the first qabats of Sultan Aladdin.

These are the ones you have seen in the daring Ertugl and these are the ones about whom history says they were poisoned and killed.

And the history of this murder still keeps Saad III on the pack. After that, Aladdin’s Qabat II and then Aladdin’s Qabat III became kings who were in the time of Usman Ghazi.

With his permission, Usman Ghazi became the sultan whose name lacked only the word sultan. In these circumstances, the father of the accursed woman decided to support Usman Ghazi in establishing an independent Turkish state. He supported Usman Ghazi in every possible way for this purpose.
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