Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 21 part 1 in urdu dubbing


Viewers have become interested in the life after the arrival of the Cursed Woman in Corals Usman.And maybe they want to know about the accursed woman as well as her father, who was the father of the accursed woman, Omar Abdul Aziz Baig?

Moreover, viewers are looking for an answer to the question whether the name of the father of the accursed woman was Omar Abdul Aziz or Sheikh Adibali.And at the same time an important question that is being asked to me again and again in the comments section is what is the relation of Umar Beg to the Amr Ghari tribe shown in season five of Dalers Ertughal and are these two the same tribe? Or separately?

So, viewers, let’s start this video in which you will be told who was the father of this accursed woman, Omar Baig, how much he supported her in the conquests of Usman Ghazi and in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.And besides that, what was the work that Ertughal Ghazi could not do but Umar Beg did?

And even before that we will talk about how true it is that some Turkish historians who say that the name of the father of the atheist woman was not Umar Beg but Sheikh Adibali.Viewers The two historians of the Ottoman Empire, Ashiq Pasha Zat and Maulana Nishmi, mention in their books that Bala or Malhan was the name of Sheikh Adiba Lee’s daughter.

And they have their own arguments in this regard, but the audience, if the words of these two historians are taken seriously and it is assumed that Malhan and Bala Usman Ghazi have the same wife.She was the daughter of Sheikh Adiba Lee. In response to this, we have the first endowment of the Ottoman Empire, the makijay foundation or the makijay endowment which was entrusted to the student of Sheikh Adiba Lee.

His name is Sharifuddin Pasha, this endowment was established in a village called makijay to help the poor.That is why her name is makijay awqaf and the documents are signed by Usman Ghazi’s six sons, one daughter and three women, one of whom is named Mall Khatun bint Umar Baig.

And one of the other two women is named Queen Bint Malik and Akbashni’s daughter Effendiq.

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