Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Episode 20 part 2 in urdu dubbing


Tayu also reaches there and says, “I have come to Turkey.”And so the fight between them starts again

In this fight, Tayu succeeds in defeating Bampsi, Bampsi falls and Tayu stabs himself. Bampsi gets up and sits down again.”It’s time to dump her and move on.”

He reads the testimony and then knocks it down.On the other hand, Ertughal arrives in the bazaar with the weapons, everyone is very happy to see them.

The women of the tribe come and welcome Islahhan, Haima Khatun and Halima also come there.Ertugl tells them to take care of the woman who is very tired, then Ertugl walks inwards.

Haima Khatun and Halima also welcome Islahhan, then Islahhan says Halimah Khatun, forgive me for my insolence, may Allah be pleased with you all.The thief also comes and meets Islahhan, Ashalhan asks where are the other brothers.

The thief says they are in the tribe, they will be very happy to see you.Islahhan says they are sitting in the tribe waiting for someone else to come and save me, I know everything and now I will fix everything.

You will destroy the plans of both of you.On the other hand, Ertugl asks Ardawan about any news about Bampsi. Ardawan says no, brother.

On hearing this, Ertughal becomes very upset.After that, Ertughal takes Islahhan to Kawander Saadatin

Saadatin is happy and says thank God that he has shown me to you again. Ladies and Gentlemen, I will never forget this kindness of Ertughal Sahib. In his eyes, three sins have increased.Ertughal says, “Thank God, Islah is fine, but this matter is not over yet. Amir Saadatin, you must call Vesulis here.”

After that Ertughal goes out and Islahhan and Saadatin sit together. Islahhan says Ertaghal Sahib has told me everything that you have done to save me, I am grateful to you.Saadatin says, “You will become my wife. When the time comes, I will sacrifice my life for you.”

On the other hand, Hakim Arif tells Ertughal that Aliyar Sahib is recovering very quickly. I hope that he will recover completely by the time he meets the Turk tribe.A soldier comes in and says Vesulus has arrived. Sardar, Ertugal says welcome him.

Vesulus, on the other hand, had entered the palace of Hanley Bazaar. The commander says that Islahhan will be here soon. Be careful

After that, they all reach inside in front of Ertughal.Vesuvius is shocked and upset when he sees Islahhan coming out from behind.

Then Ertugal says: I have heard that you want to make a treaty with Amir Saadatin.Vesuvius and I wanted to weigh you here on the scales to see how honorable you are

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