Sultan Bator calls Alp Malik Shah I married my sister to you because she loved you And you didn’t value my sister.

You didn’t give her what she deserved. You did not keep it like the other queens of the palace And they still live in the Canak tribe away from the palace

And secondly, he did not give my nieces their due He prematurely appointed his son Berkeley as his crown prince.

I have come with my sister to take care of my nieces. Malik Shah gets angry when he hears Bator’s words And he says I will not send Bashulo with you under any circumstances.

“If you don’t let my sister go with me,” says Bator Then our peace agreement will end. And I will call my army here for war.

Malik Shah says take your soldiers away from here or I will behead you. Sultan Bator angrily goes to his camp After he leaves, Malik Shah calls Nizam-ul-Mulk

Have your soldiers patrol his camp if he tries to do anything wrong So let us know immediately And if it doesn’t go away by tomorrow, I’ll declare war on it.

“I have been in Malik Shah’s life ever since,” says Bashulo Since then, Malik Shah has been in trouble because of me.

“Why don’t I go away from Malik Shah with my brother?” Because of me, Malik Shah’s fort will lose the opportunity to conquer Kowel.

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