First Mitras injures Malik Shah’s arm with his sword After that Malik Shah strikes hard

Which injures Mitras’s chest As soon as Mitras is injured, his companions take him away. Mitras orders his soldiers to destroy Ali and the explosives immediately.

Ali, on the other hand, stands chained in a cave Ali is very brave. Ali pulls his hand out of the small hole in the chain with great force When the other hand tries to pull out, the hand does not move because of the thumb.

Ali bravely breaks his thumb And then he pushes his hand out of the chain Ali then puts his thumb together again and runs away. Malik Shah and his soldiers are also looking for Ali everywhere.

Ali tries to escape from the forest, but is recaptured by Byzantine soldiers And they say to Ali, “Today is your last day.” As soon as Ali and Baroud start to run out, Malik Shah also reaches there.

Byzantine soldier tells Malik Shah Malik Shah I will destroy Ali and the dynamite in front of you today He orders his other soldiers to burn ammunition As he moves the fire towards the dynamite

On the other hand, as soon as some soldiers come out of the forest, they shoot arrows In this way, they fail to eliminate Ali and the dynamite. The soldiers who saved Ali and Baroud

Malik Shah is told that we are special soldiers of Nizam-ul-Mulk, Nizam-ul-Mulk has sent us for your protection Malik Shah is very happy to hear this And he says as long as there are soldiers and heroes in our country like you, nothing can happen to our country.

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