Sultan Malik Shah summons Nizam-ul-Mulk and Sinjar to his presence. Sultan Malik Shah restores Nizam-ul-Mulk to his post

Nizam-ul-Mulk becomes the Prime Minister again And the Malik recognizes Sinjar And lands in the name of Sinjar. Bishulo allows the woman to have two sons at any time in the status of the country

And says you can come and go in the palace at any time. The next day a ceremony is held at the palace And in it, Sinjar is made aware of the status of the Malik.

And it is announced that Sinjar is a Malik from now on. Malik Turan Shah is very angry after seeing all this I can’t say anything else.

Sultan Malik gives the order of Shalmazar to Teqish And he says send us today the fire of the Greek fire Tomorrow we will attack Qila Kowal We will need it.

The Malik Teqish is considered sharp And he says okay, I’ll send it. When the governor of Qala-e-Kowal finds out about this

He calls Malik Tiqsh If you gave this ammunition to Sultan Malik Shah, I will tell the secret of both of you to Malik Shah That Malik Tiqsh and Hassan Sabah have met.

Following the governor’s threat, Malik is trying to hide the explosives But Malik Turan Shah does not allow him to do so And he says send it to the Sultan

So they set out to attack Qila Kowal and I took possession of the palace. The next day Sultan Malik Shah according to his plan Clears the way to the palace

When Malik Turan Shah comes to attack So he doesn’t find any soldiers on the way And he says where did it all go? At the same time Sultan Malik Shah surrounds him

And says because you have rebelled That’s why family members won’t support you. So now i can ki ll you On the other hand, Malik Tiqsh is also arrested.

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