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And after the Messenger of Allah, the Imam was considered the guide of his religion and the world.And in the Shia faith, the Prophet appoints his own deputy and he is their caliph.
According to him, the prophethood ended with the Holy Prophet (sws) and after him, Hazrat Ali (sws) had a wide prophet, that is, he was the deputy of the Holy Prophet (sws).After him, Hazrat Hassan, then Hazrat Hussain Rizwanullah Ajmeen, then Zain-e-Abidin, then Hazrat Muhammad Baqir and then Hazrat Jafar Sadiq, even all the Shiites agree with Ali.
But differences arose between them after the death of Hazrat Jafar Sadiq. One of them was a supporter of the Imamate of Ismail bin Ja’far, the eldest son of Hazrat Ja’far Sadiq.
While the other group accepted the leadership of their second son Musa bin Ja’far.That is, the Ismailis give Hazrat Jafar Sadiq the status of the seventh Imam and his son Muhammad bin Ismail after him as their eighth Imam.
And this is the main reason for the difference between them. After the death of Ishmael, the Imams of the Ismailis remained hidden for about a century and a half and that is why they are called Ismailis.The Ismaili period is called the Ismaili period.
At that time, the name and place of their Imam were known only to those who were more reliable to them.The Ismailis keep their beliefs and teachings so secret that it is difficult to say anything about them.
But one of the researchers of this sect was the late Dr. Zahid Ali who was a former professor of Arabic and vice principal of Nizam College Hyderabad Deccan.When he left the Ismaili religion, he published a book about his sect called The Reality of Our Ismaili Religion and Its System.
In this book he has included the facts of the secret books and documents of his sect.And according to this book, the people of this sect have written this belief about the Imam. If you see the Imam committing adultery, drinking alcohol, and committing adultery with your own eyes, do not deny it with your heart and tongue.
And do not argue that it is true and right, because Allah has saved the Imams from it 
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