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Viewers: The land of Persia is the place from which new tribulations against the Islamic world have always arisen.The first notable tribulation was that of the Magian Empire of Qasr, which received a letter of invitation from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
In response to which the Holy Prophet predicts that just as Khusrau tore my letter to pieces.Allah will tear his kingdom to pieces. That is why he is defeated by the Roman armies and the Arabs and runs away.
And her eighteen sons are killed before her eyes.And finally, within eight years of being assassinated by his own son Sharvia, his kingdom as well as his lineage are obliterated.
Such was the esoteric fitna, whose head, Ghana Hassan Sabah, was the first person in the Muslim world to start a history of suicide attacks and terrorism.And he belonged to Iran.
In today’s video we will talk about what is Ismaili tribulation and what is called esoteric tribulation? What is the history of this tribulation? And in what places in the world today does it exist under what names?
Shia means supporter or helper. And when there was a disagreement between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Muawiyah Rizwanullah Ajmeen about the killers of Uthman, two groups were formed.
Shia Ali and Shia Mu’awiyah With the passage of time, Shia Mu’awiyah became extinct, but Shia Ali’s group remained.And the esoteric sect came from the same Shia Ali.
Those Shiites who used Ali’s love for Hazrat Ali and spread their misguided ideas among them.Allama Abdul Qadir al-Baghdadi di al-Ashri says that the foundation of the esoteric sect was laid by many people, most notably Mahmoon bin Dasan.
He was the slave of Hazrat Jafar Sadiq and there was a man with him whose name was Muhammad bin Hassan.They were imprisoned in an Iraqi prison where they founded an esoteric sect.
Then this Mahmoon went to Al-Ghadam Maghrib and kept distorting the beliefs of the people by talking to the descendants of Hazrat Aqeel bin Abi Talib and gradually Shiaan Ali became his ally.Then came another clever man.
His name was Hamdan ibn Qarmat and after his name he became a permanent sect. His name was Qaramata.The famous Yemeni scholar Muhammad ibn Malik ibn Mali has written in Kashf-e-Israr al-Batiniya Akhbar al-Karamata that the Batiniya sect, which is a branch of Ismailiyya, has its origins in the Jews and Magi.
And let me tell you the important thing here that this knowledge of religion remained in their religion for many years so that they could know the origin of this sect.According to him, his theory is that everything has an outward appearance and an inwardness.
And according to the esotericists, the esoteric meaning of Salat and Zakat is Muhammad and Ali.Viewers Ikram is remembered in history by various names of Ismailis.
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