The Legend of Maula Jatt 2022


The Legend of Maula Jatt 2022

Assalamualaikum, viewers, today we are going to tell you about a very interesting saying, which is being talked about all over the world.

This video has created a lot of buzz. This video has left behind all the videos in Pakistan. It is very interesting and instructive.

This is a movie called Mo Lajat, in which a family is brutally tortured and murdered in the dark of night.

A family who is happy in their home is killed when a cruel landlord invades their home, killing them and their wife.

He also has a son who is injured but survives and is taken home by a poor woman.

And she brings up and loves her son even more than his name, but he doesn’t speak.

They eat together and live together. Twenty-five years later, Mullah is also a young man, and his brother is ruled by some cruel people.

They do not allow anyone to live in peace, they kill the people there, it is forbidden to live in it.

Moola starts drinking in memory of his parents, he is addicted to his alcoholism, his mother says that I have done a big mistake.

By making you my son, I would have known that this would happen, so I would never have made you my son. This cruel person has two sons.

And one daughter, one son, is a very cruel person. His name is Noori.

He comes back after a long time, when he remembers Maula, he grabbed my parents and went to his house to beat him.

As Nori is fighting, Nori’s father stabs Moolah from behind. Nori gets angry and kills his own father.

Why do you stab my enemy from behind and kill him at last, and this cruelty ends forever?




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