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This movie is very interesting movie about two friends and in this lesson too,

to kill one two sat to kill two sat, this movie has become like La Jatt.

How selfish people are in this world, so insensitive that they forget their relationships.

Coming to La Lach, this movie is also based on two satas who were once very good two satas and loved more than their brothers.

They used to live very happily, going to the same school and wearing the same clothes. Their families also met each other very happily.

If there is two sati, then it is like they have two sati, uncle and his two sati. As they grew up and spent some time with them, uncle and his two sati were very happy.

An uncle came home and his father asked that your result has come. Did you get the result of the 10th?

I had studied for two years, so he says, Look, I have studied for four years, then the child who reads too much does not like it. The mother is also listening to this.

She tries to kill him by taking off his clothes. It is very funny.

They are all living in their village and are sent to study in the city, where they fall in love.

They are both in love with the same girl.They fall in love with this girl and in the end she leaves them too.

She fights and leaves them, she says it is a good lesson

Who will be faithful to me who has forgotten the love of two sats for you?



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