Drama Serial Mere Humsafar Episode 24At the beginning of Khurram starts to go, then Samin says that you are getting angry, then Khurram says that I am not going to get angry.


And when Khurram takes revenge on his mother, Khurram says, “Is there any enmity between your mother and me?”Or Samin says to them that enmity is not with you but with me.


When his mother Hamza Thauri leaves, Samin tells Khurram that you are getting angry.So Khurram says no I will go now then I will come then Samin says goodbye then Hamza brings Hala inside

And when he watered her, she wept bitterly, and Hamza calmed him down and said, “I do not believe in what my mother said.”

When Hamza starts to leave, Hala says don’t leave me, then Hamza says that my mother is angry and I e me.

come to see herWhy did Khurram refuse to recognize me? He may have found a good girl so he refused to recogniz

On the other hand, Hala’s mother-in-law says that she will bring the truth in front of everyone today, so Hamza’s father says stop and sit down.

So Hala’s grandmother says that he was a living human being.If a crow were to come and sit on the mandal instead, it would say that it too is in a dilemma.


Hey Shah, where you have killed two people with one arrow, how did you end Samin’s relationship neatly?Sofia that this will not happen Samin’s relationship, what a decent boy he was, he left quietly, I don’t know what he would think about us


Here Khurram returns home, drinks water and starts eating. Here Hamza’s mother tells his grandmother what he thinksHamza says that there is no need to call Samin.


If he knows everything then Hamza says there is no need to call Samin you have not done well with him alreadyIf you have a problem with the situation, how long will you continue to complain about the situation, then Hamza’s mother says that the situation will also have to be called.



So Hamza says that the situation has nothing to do with it. Then Samin’s mother comes and asks Hamza’s mother why she was calling.



What is left for my daughter? Now Hamza says: Samin, do you remember that Hala had told you that she liked one of her friend’s brother?


This is the same boy Khurram, then his grandmother said, “Stop it, you are Hamza’s father.”On the other hand, after performing Wudhu, he goes to perform the prayers.

So Hamzah’s father calls her and she comes to him. Hamzah’s father says: Tell me what happenedIf she likes a friend’s brother, Samin says, “Stop it. Khurram is alone in this world.”


He has no sister, so Hamza’s mother says that you are covering up the one who robbed you of your rights.So Samin says I am not covering up but I know one thing that you have deliberately pushed Khurram in all of them.

The rest is up to you.So Hamza’s mother says that she is lying.When Hala was having an affair with this boy, Hamza says that you have gone so far in the enmity of Hala, I could not even think.


So Hamza’s mother says that I swear, then Hamza’s grandmother says, “Stop it, Shah, wherever the chief stops her, now she will swear falsely and bear the torment.”


So Hamza’s mother says that I am not a liar, I can pick up the Qur’an that Khurram was in love with her

Hamza’s mother says that if I bring the Qur’an, then Hamza stops, then his father says, “Bring it, it will be decided today.”


But Hamza says that you have understood the Qur’an. People are right in saying that the easiest thing in the world is to swear.


So Hamza’s grandmother says come back, Shah, where there is a lot of torment for carrying a false Qur’anSo Hamza’s father says that when there is no way to go, that is the straight path. Hamza’s mother says that even in court the Qur’an is raised


So Grandma says that those who speak lie there too, then Hamza says that Grandma is right.Everyone in the court is a stranger. They don’t trust each other. I have full confidence in the situation.


But to reassure them, say that you do not know this person. Grandma says that I also have full confidence in the situation.


So Hamzah says, “Speak, while you say that I do not know him.On the other hand, Khurram is very happy to remember the words of Hamza and his mother. On the other hand, Hala is crying a lot.


So Hamza says, “Shut up! What have you done to me? I have full confidence in you.”Then Hamza says to Hala that I have full confidence in you but to reassure them say that you do not know this person. Grandma says that I also have full confidence in Hala.


I also have full confidence in the situation, my situation can never lie, so Hamza says, tell me the situation, but the situation says that I do not know him, Khurram Hamza and his mother would have been very happy to remember the words. Is


On the other hand, Khurram is getting very happy by remembering the words of Hamza and his mother. On the other hand, he is crying a lot.


I trust you so much she says i have to be alone leave me alone if you don’t go i’m goneOn the other hand, Hamza’s father says to Hamza’s mother that today you have left no stone unturned in humiliating us.









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