The drama serial Mere Humsafar calls Hamza Hala at the beginning of episode 27
When Hala comes to Hamza, Hamza says, “No matter how difficult the journey is, it is more beautiful than the destination. This journey makes it even more beautiful.”

Today I have learned one thing from my traveling companion that one should not be afraid of anyone, even if one is afraid, one should not show fear in front of him. Hamza says that today your eyes are such that you will kill someone or someone. Hamza says the war is going on

She will drink coffee while Hala says that it is Penny. I will make it. Hamza says no, I will make it and Hamza grabs Hala’s hand and leaves.

How did Hala say that I don’t know anything? Hamza said what he saw. Khurram angrily throws things here and there. Hamza and Hala walk together after drinking coffee. Holds up and says

Leave my hand, otherwise I will make a noise and call Hamza. Khurram says make a noise and call Hamza. I will tell my own story to Hamza. So much courage has come to you, the situation says yes, it has come, leave your hand, otherwise I will call Hamza and tell him the whole truth, the sword that is hanging over my head

Khurram says, “Well, you will tell the truth. What will you tell me? I know that you used to come to see me at my house in the park and while expressing your sorrow, my feet would get wet. This is what you will tell with your tears.”

No matter how big the husband’s heart is, he never tolerates his wife’s lover. She says, “I will still tell the truth. He will definitely give me a chance to clean up. His heart is very big.” And when she hears their words she laughs and she comes to them laughing and says

You should be praised for your courage during the day and even inside the house you are stopping him and hugging him. If someone came, what would I do if I came?

Khurram says go away as clean as you have gone before and you are not so pure that no angel will come down to you to cleanse you and you have no proof so let go as it is going where the king says to you Get out of here

Khurram says I know you are standing behind him but I will not leave China without reaching the worst end. So Hala goes to her room and says to herself, I shouldn’t have listened to her


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