Khu Ajastha and Beha are coming in the drama serial Mere Hum Nishin Episode No. 31.

Khu Ajastha says why is this hotel so empty today? Khu Ajstha says let’s go ok,

we are drinking tea at the canteen when Khu Ajstha and Beha are at the canteen,

all the girls are having fun there and doing their work, Khwa Jista is watching a girl’s work.

Is So says that it is very good. Beha says how good it will look if it gets painted on it.Khoa Jista says no, paint doesn’t look good. It will be good,

then Beha says where will the cigarette come from,

then Kho Ajasta says Cho Kedar Bob or tell him that he will bring it from anywhere,

then a girl is standing nearby, she says, My There is a senior who has a

She will meet him, then Beha says ok, bring her, then she goes to get a cigarette from him.

She goes to her senior and says that she wants a cigarette. Surprised,

she says why and for what, she says we don’t have it, then Aima says no,

now Roo will have to give it to Khu Ajastu if he wants,

otherwise they will make a plan together.

They ask each other for a packet containing drugs and tells Khojastu to go and take it.

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