In the last episode of the drama serial Mere Hum Nasheen,

you will see that Khu Ajasta is sitting in her hospital.

And on the other hand, Hasan and his wife go out and wander around and Ahsan’s wife falls in love.

And Hasan takes her to a hospital and sees that she is sitting there,

so he is surprised and says, “Khu Ajasta, you are here,” she says.

Your wife has passed away now you can take her.

Khoo Ajasta goes there but Hasan follows her and calls out to her.

Ajasta says, “Listen to me, I don’t want to hear anything and you go away from here.

” Hasan says, “You got married and are sitting comfortably here,

and my brother is still waiting for you.” Hai khu ajasta says this is my hospital

There is no need to make a spectacle here and go take your wife.

Hasan leaves and Khu Ajasta calls a dakar and says how long will it take to know the dakar.

B came to the doctor and said, there are doctors in every hospital, but there is no doctor just for me.

Administration A doctor is coming who has come all the way from London and very soon he will come to you, so you will be very happy.

And she goes to her head’s office and she is sitting there.

Da Kad Hadi comes there, but KHAjasta is very surprised to see him.

Ho KHAjasta’s head tells him to take it

Da Kad Hadi Hadi KhuAjstha is in the hospital and asks how she is then Haw KHAjstha tells

When Darkhzai left this world, Hadi says that such a big incident happened to you and you did not even bother to tell anyone.

Then Hadi sends his relation to KhoAjsta’s house and KhoAjsta and Hadi get married.

Hadi says you waited a lot, finally I got you





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