Mery Hum Nasheen episode 37


Mery Hum Nasheen episode 37

In the drama serial Mere Hum Nish episode no 37,

there is a party to get the degree in Khwajasta’s college and yes Khu Ajasta is awarded for the

first position.

Come bolder and express your imagination here says the head nurse of the stall

Drakhzai sign here and take it Drakhzai says I look crazy to you I will sign it

head nurse says quietly sign Drakhzai is also ready to fight.

Today Lala’s call comes and he says

That you should sign and listen with a cold heart and mind and do not raise the matter

and sign and bring your wife home. to this issue

Even if she wants to come on the stage,

she is forced to go on the stage even if she doesn’t want to,

she is dressed in a gold medal and some medals are also given in her han

Kho Jasta says the medal is a slap in the face for students when children from poor families like us leave home.
And when they come to this field, some jealous people don’t think that the small class like us should come forward.

Bekah one or two are united towards the end that what is this

She is saying that everyone starts thinking about Khu Ajsta and

Khu Ajsta goes away without touching anyone. Come back Drakhzai signs to the head nurse,

but Ajasta walks off the stage as she speaks.

And when Siddhi starts going towards her

Hadi shouts that Khu Ajasta doesn’t stop, then Hadi runs and stops her and says,

“You said SK today, then Khu Ajasta says Yes, it has been said correctly

If you tell me the reason, Khu Ajasta takes out a note from her bag and says this number called

you to trap me,

now say you didn’t do it.

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