In the episode No. 32 of the drama serial Meer Hamnishin,

the head nurse of the hostel says that Shahr Yar Sahib was surprised

that the one who informed could say so confidently.

He was looking at the city and says something is wrong.

The head nurse says why are there so many girls in my head? It’s someone else’s plot

Or this girl is doing this by herself, I don’t understand anything.

Shahir says, “Please don’t tell the police yet.

” After meeting Maa, Aima calls Aunty Beqa that aunty looks like this,

Sabika says no, how do you know anyone from her looks?

Come home with Aima says aunty you should do one thing you should

ask the head nurse of the hospital that way she will let

me come easily otherwise she is keeping an eye on everyone.

Sa Beqa says fine, I will have a match for what you are waiting for,

so ha Di says sit back, you are tired, then it is not wrong,

give this hamdri a day of duty and now it is eating well.

That things were going well, you people assumed that the situation would not improve by running away.

If you will go out and no one will do any work, then the request says that you are detaining me, then thank you,

I am locking you at home now, not behind the bars, then the request.

She says you don’t realize that I don’t spend my whole life under Ehsan’s kindness.

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