At the beginning of episode no. 15 of My Neighbors, Khajusta’s Moor calls Sanobar and says that Shanze is not well, so she called you and yes, these are Khajusta’s clothes that you have taken out, she has worn only a couple of days.
You and his measure are the same, so the cypress says that the measure is the same, but the fate is not the same, then the moray says that you should go and take Shanze too.
And for him, it is a difficult task to look at him and take these clothes while going. Meanwhile, Darkhzai is sitting outside reading, and his servant Ani Sanobar comes and sits next to him. He is very angry and says. What kind of rudeness is this, you come and sit next to non-boys?
You are the maid says that I am seeing how she has changed Darkhzai and how she is crying as if she will come and beat the doctor. So she says I don’t have anything to eat
If there is poison, then bring it. Her husband says that even if it is necessary, I will bring it. Get up now and eat something. Meanwhile, Hadi comes to Khajusta and greets him and says, “How are you? Change the bandage.” Or no, Tokhjastah says I am fine, for hill people like us, these minor injuries do not matter.
So Hadi says that I like your words very much. Khajsta says that my class is over. He calls to him and says that this is a project

And I hope that no one can do it except you. So Khujista says thank you very much. Dr. Shehryar says, I want you to be here tomorrow instead of me. leads to Then Khujista comes out of the class
So Hasan comes forward and says give me this file then Khajsta says you didn’t hear that Sir said that only I can do this work then Hasan says what are you thinking about yourself then Khajsta says I used to get angry at your words
But now I feel sorry for your thinking, may Allah make some reason for your treatment, then Aima comes there and asks Hasan if I am going to see Dr. Shehryar, then Hasan says that it is also to meet Dr. Shehryar. is yearning
So Aima says that don’t tell all these things in front of uncle, he will be very sad. Meanwhile, Darkhzai comes to his mother and is eating almonds, then his father comes and says, “What are you doing, Darkh?” Zai says I am eating almonds, the lesson will be remembered soon
So her father says that no matter how hard you try, you will not remember anything, your mind is full of straw, only fighting can come in your mind, if it continues like this, I will break your engagement with Tejasta. Then his father calls his mother
And he says that what is the problem with Shanze’s health, she says that she doesn’t know, she gets fever every day, so he says that he should check the doctor to see what is the problem. Bahram Khan fires at the driver causing the bus to overturn
So he and the other people sitting in the bus get injured and they are brought to the hospital of Khajsta’s house, then Khajsta sees Darkhzai injured and blood is also flowing from his arm, so Khajsta runs away. Is
And she is taking off the dobata from her head and tying it on his arm, then Hadi is looking at her with a lot of surprise, on the other hand, Shanze is fighting with the Moor of Khajista that I told you to marry her, but you did not obey. Sent him to the city
Now if he becomes a thief, it may not happen, but because of this you will lose your two sons.So Hadi comes and slaps him on the head and then leaves in a rage

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