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 Mandirman Jalaluddin in urdu Episode 6

The action-packed scenes and suspense of the jalaludin series brought color to the screen.With a great episode, the series regained its lost ground.

And once again captivated everyone, keeping the fans curious from the beginning to the end of the episode.The shocking event of the audience was to show Jar Qutai as a traitor for a few moments, once again adopting the traditional style, the episode ended on a curious scene.

When Tughai and Usman Baig first meet, we will give you important information about what will happen next in the story.We will talk about whether, according to the deal between Tughai and Usman Baig, the atheist will be saved by returning the governor or the two sides will set a trap for each other.

What are Omar Baig doing in Anna Gol Fort? Will they be the cause of Usman Baig’s trouble like Malhan, will Sauchi Baig and Lena Khatun be absent from the series for some time?

Is Yure Sarka going to be an ally of Governor Usman Baig, is it time for all the Turkish tribes to come together? Will Umar Beg be the one to expose the treachery of Doondar?

In addition, we will tell you more important things. To know the full details, you must watch the video till the end and subscribe to our channel.

The last episode of Corals Usman has captivated everyone, all the complaints of the fans have gone away and the strong story has touched everyone’s heart.Usman Baig’s secret plan won everyone’s heart once again

Jarqutai’s humorous scenes also attracted a lot of attention, but even for a short time, it was not easy for fans to see their favorite Jarqutai as a traitor.

Well, everyone is excited about Qatai’s successful mission. It seems that Tughai will be a dangerous opponent for Usman Baig because he has got habits like Noyan.At the end of the episode, Tughae will enter the tribe of Usman Baig alone.

The reason he was so confident was because of the possession of the atheist woman.A good atheist woman who is overconfident in her own power causes her own loss every time.

Earlier, the attack of the concubine on Tughai was more dangerous for the concubine.The atheist woman who always questions the merits of Usman Baig and Bala Khatun and takes every step of her own free will without informing Usman Baig.

This time he lost his temper and going to Anna Gol Fort caused problems for Usman Baig as well.

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