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Khwarazm Shahi Empire, Friends Khwarazm Shahi Empire was a Sunni Muslim kingdom of Central Asia, Central Asia and Iran in present day Iran.

Which was formerly under the Sanjuk Empire and became independent in the eleventh century and lasted until the Mongol invasion in 1220 AD.

It was the last Muslim empire to fight the Mongols.By the time the Khawarizm dynasty emerged, the Abbasid Caliphate was on the brink of collapse.

Why are Khwarizmi called Khawarizmi? How did Khwarizmi rebel against Sultan Ahmad Sanjar and lay the foundation of such a large empire?

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So friends, now let’s talk about the ancestor of the Khawarizmis.In 1770, the governorship of the province passed into the hands of the ancestor of the Khawarizm royal family, Ala Anshtgin, who was the slave of Sanjuki Sultan Kaghlam.

? Anashtagin possessed extraordinary intelligence and ability, so the Sanjuki Sultan cherished him.His son Kitab-ud-Din Muhammad I also had the same abilities. He was educated and trained among the Sanjuki emperors, so the Sanjukis entrusted him to the government of a province.

After the death of Anshgin, Muhammad was given the position of father on the basis of his merits, who gained great prominence in the temperament of Sultan Sanjar through his efficiency and loyalty.

After Muhammad’s death, Atansir ibn Muhammad succeeded him, who established a government in Khawarizm province.Atansir’s title was Khawarizm, on the basis of which it was called Khawarizm Imperial Empire

Friends now talk of Atansir Shah i.e. Khawarizm Shah who had made his place in the heart of Sultan Ahmed Sanjar but later it happened that he had to fight Sultan Ahmed Sanjar and he was defeated in the battle.

It so happened that Khawarizm Shah took the place of his father and performed the duties of a commander many times. Sultan Sanjar Sanjuki was so impressed with his ability that he kept it with him at all times.

He was made the Commander-in-Chief and was considered one of the most important courtiers.This aroused many jealousies and strained his relations with Sultan Sanjar, on which Khawarizm Shah established his own independent government.

These differences led to a battle between Sultan Sanjar and Khawarizm Shah in which Khawarizm Shah was defeated and his son and many others were killed.
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