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He sat her down with respect and assured her that he would be respected.After the victory was celebrated for seven days, Caesar and several generals of his army were housed in a magnificent tent at the behest of Alp Arslan.

Such an arrogant and tyrannical king that the people of Rome trembled at his splendor. Today, the same Caesar had taken refuge in the Islamic government in a world of humiliation and disgrace.The noble and honorable treatment of such a person by the Sultan is unparalleled in all of history.

This attitude has even been praised by the most influential European historians.There can be no ordinary person who treats such a fierce enemy with kindness. The audience is said to have visited the emperor twice a day and fed him with them.

Even as the sun rose on the eighth day, there was a historic encounter between Sultan Alp Arslan and Caesar of Rome, which is still remembered today.So the Sultan, talking to Caesar of Rome, asked what kind of treatment you expected of me now.

To which Caesar said, “If you are a tyrant, you will kill me. If you are arrogant, you will advertise me in the Islamic state or you will be imprisoned for life.”I will put it in and it may be possible to take it and forgive me.

Alp Arslan smiled at him, then asked what you would have done to me if you had won the war and I had come to you as a prisoner.So Caesar said without pretense that I would do the worst I could

Or did he say that I considered you my greatest enemy until I gave you many lashes?To which Alp Arslan said, “Now that I know your mentality, why should I treat you the way you thought I would?” Has even seen the end of my mentality.

Sultan Elp Arslan smiled at him and said that I am a follower of the true religion and Islam conveys the message of peace and security, so I will not do to you what you wanted to do to me.Then friends, after that, Caesar of Rome not only paid the ransom of war and agreed to give Khran, but also married his daughter to the son of Sultan.

At the same time, the territories of Armenia and Georgia were also given to him.After this, Sultan Alp Arsalan left for Turkestan with an army of two and a half lakhs in 1075 AH according to the year 465 AH.

He crossed the river Jhelum with his two and a half lakh army and fell down.You have Yusuf Khawarzami, the guard of a frontier fort, arrested and presented to you

According to the audience tradition, it is said that this prava became the cause of his death because Yusuf Khawarizmi spoke very insultingly in his honor in the crowded court.On which Sultan Alp Arsalan got angry and ordered to tie up Yusuf Kharazmi and kill him.

Yusuf Khawarizmi shouted that he would kill a brave man like me in this humiliating way.The Sultan raised his bow and shot an arrow, but the target was missed.

The Sultan began to descend from the throne in anger, but unfortunately his foot became entangled with the wood and he fell face down on the ground.

Yusuf Khurzami stepped forward and pulled out a small dagger from his armpit and struck several blows in a single moment.

The soldiers killed Yusuf Khawarizmi immediately, but the Sultan had suffered so many wounds that his health could not be restored, and exactly four days later, on November 25, he died at the age of only forty-two years.

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