Mandirman Jalaluddin in urdu Episode 1 part 2 | kurulusas!

The meaning of your sermon was something like this: O Mujahideen of Islam, I prefer your life to death.I am glad that you will live after me. I have no doubt about your loyalty but I gladly allow you to go back to whomever you want today.
I am not the king of anyone.I am an ordinary soldier like you, who will take part in this war. History will remember them for thousands of years. If I die on the battlefield, these white clothes will be my shroud.
All the Mujahideen said in unison that we will not leave you alone.Cursed is the man who turns away from jihad and turns his back on the battlefield.
After hearing the response of the army, he prostrated and ordered the army to attack.And then the Crusaders rose up against the army, after which the battle of Gumsan took place.
And the Sanjuk army fought the Roman army with such fervor that the whole Roman army was in disarray.On the other hand, Caesar of Rome, in a state of complete rage, began to shake hands and feet in order to somehow organize his scattered army.
Caesar did his best, but since his most loyal soldiers had left him and some of the wounded were thieves, Caesar was failing in all his endeavors.He even injured himself and when he could not compete at all, he immediately decided to leave the field and run away.
On this occasion, a slave threw a bow and captured Caesar and handed him over to the Islamic army.Ladies and Gentlemen, The most interesting thing here is that the one who arrested Caesar Rome, Nato, knew who he was and not all the people to whom he was handed over.
So he was locked up with other ordinary prisoners.It was a moment when one of the most arrogant kings of his time was spending the night with slaves while NATO’s Elp Arslan himself was aware of it and no one in his army knew about it. He is imprisoned
Now, as soon as the next day began, all the prisoners were brought before him by the order of Sultan Elp Arsalan.Including Caesar Rome, but no one in the court knew.
However, standing there, the Sanjuki ambassador, who had visited the Roman court hundreds of times, recognized Caesar as soon as he saw him in this condition.And the Sultan was informed of his presence. On the other hand, as soon as the Sultan found out about the presence of Caesar Rome, Elp Arslan got up from his seat without any stern order and expressing his displeasure and walked a few steps away from Caesar Rome.

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