Mandirman Jalaluddin in urdu Episode 1 part 1 | kurulusas!

Audience: The first Sultan in Turkey who was credited with the service of the Holy Hijaz is known to the world today as Sultan Elp Arsalan.A wajih, brave and wise sultan who with his intelligence and bravery spread Islam in the world
And by ruling from one thousand sixty-three to one thousand better, he subjugated the Sanjuk kingdom from the Harat and Maunal canals to Mecca and Medina.However, these were the sultans of the Sanjuk Empire who chewed the blasphemy of the disbelievers at a time when a large crusading army was busy preparing to wipe out the Muslims.
On the other hand, Sultan Alp Arslan was busy with the internal affairs of his empire when suddenly a great war was declared by the Crusaders.And friends, remember that this was the war that made Sultan Elp Arsalan famous all over the world.
Since the Sultan was aware of the damage that would be done after such a great battle, he tried his best to withdraw from the war after somehow concluding a peace treaty.But Caesar Rome was about to destroy the Muslim settlements with an army of millions.
So the emperor arrogantly turned down Alp Arsalan’s offer not to fight, and set out for a major battle with Alp Arslan near Khalat.It is said that in addition to the 300,000 troops in this army, the number of those who cut down the forest and paved the way and dug the wall was more than one lakh.
There were more than sixty minions in the army, one hundred oxen were brought to pull each manganese.Historians write that the Roman emperor Manus IV was so convinced of the large army at that time that he divided the Muslim territories among his emperors before sending the army.
On the other hand, Sultan Elp Arsalan had a small army of fifteen thousand according to one tradition and twenty thousand according to another tradition.At that time, the Crusaders were two or three days away from the place where the Sultan was encamped.
Therefore, in such a short time, no Islamic army could reach you in time.After which the whole army of the Sultan became disappointed and waited for the order of return from the Sultan.
But Sultan Alp Arslan climbed a high hill and on the other side began to see the enemy army coming.The enemy’s army was so large that the Sultan’s army looked like peaks in front of him.
The Sultan’s army once again thought that perhaps the Sultan was trying to surrender.With this in mind, he asked the Sultan, “What are you reviewing?”
So the Sultan looked at such a large army of enemies and said, “I wonder where I will bury such a large number of enemies.”The audience was amazed at the Sultan’s army.
After that, after the Friday prayers, he took off his royal attire and put on white clothes.And the power of the words of the sermon he delivered while addressing the Islamic army was equal to one million troops.
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