Jalaluddin Khwarzam Shah

Audience: This episode of Jalaluddin Khawarizm Shah drama is very powerful. In this episode, Jalaluddin goes to the forest with the fox and his companions to catch Genghis Khan’s main enemy.

The fox tells Jalaluddin that in this forest we have to be very careful every step of the way. If it smells like us, then it will be very difficult for us to get out of this forest alive.

As soon as we reach this part of the forest Where Genghis Khan’s enemy is hiding The noise of birds begins to come. The fox says to Jalaluddin Now the birds have informed him

Now you all have to be very careful There can be an attack from any side at any time And be very careful There are nets here and there.

As soon as we go a little further A soldier’s foot hits a rope At the same time, wooden thorns begin to appear And that soldier dies.

On the other hand, the enemy also starts attacking with arrows Another soldier is martyred in these attacks. The fox stands by the tree An arrow strikes his hand Immediately after that an arrow hits his other hand He is badly injured.

Jalaluddin also falls into its trap His foot falls on the rope And he hangs upside down from the rope. The enemy approaches to kill him

As soon as Jalaluddin starts killing Jalaluddin immediately cuts the rope of the other trap with his dagger And that trap seems to go away And he falls.

Genghis Khan

In this way Jalaluddin catches him after a great difficulty. The fox then takes him to Genghis Khan And demands from Genghis Khan that as promised

Now send the murderer’s brother with me So that I can take it and hand it over to Jalaluddin. Genghis Khan says it means you told everyone about it.

The fox says I only told Jalaluddin Because he helped me catch him I can only ask you. The rest is up to me. Genghis Khan allows it He takes the slain Bakr’s brother from there to Jalaluddin.

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