Malazgirt 1071 Part 2 Full Movie Urdu

Malazgirt 1071 Part 2 Full Movie Urdu

At the beginning of Aslam Alaikum Nazarin Tarka Movi Part No. 2, the Dangerous Emperor attacks the Muslim fort, causing heavy losses to the Turks.

A soldier comes and tells Alp Arslan that the Christians have attacked the fort and we have suffered a lot. Alp Arslan is very angry.

And he says who is responsible for the damage, many of our people have been martyred. The soldier listens very quietly and goes away.

The dangerous emperor returns to his palace where he is greeted with a warm welcome.

Shahz Adi says thank you for not embarrassing me, it looks dangerous then Shahz Adi says you won’t like to spend the night here.

Danger is very surprised and happy Shahez Adi asks that you can rely on Commander Als so Danger says but I need it tomorrow.

Many commanders and commanders, and my queen, the princess, is very happy and knows that you will return victorious.

So Danger says yes, my queen, I will win this anyway. A soldier brings food and we cook very good food.

So Danger says yes, my queen, I will win this anyway. A soldier brings food and we cook very good food.

Alp Arsalan says, “Okay, I will give you, but not what you want, but I will give what is necessary.”

Katla Mish is very proud of the strength of his army and comes to fight Alp Arslan.

They look at each other for a while and then they start to fight. In one blow of Sultan Alp Arslan, Katlamish’s sword falls away.

And when the sword falls further than the sword, Sultan Alp Arsalan says, “Whoever wants to join my army.”

Let him decide now.I won’t say anything now, if you don’t want to die like a bitch, then I will do what is necessary.

Six more people came on horses, and a soldier asked them, “Wait, who are you?” He tells them.

The Byzantine commander lets him go if he is dangerous. A little further on, some spies come and ask if you are not,

then commander dangerous kills them.And as soon as he enters the palace, where Shahz Udi lies beside the emperor’s funeral, a soldier hastily says:

It’s a resolute commander. Hurry up and defend the prince. Soldiers quickly take soldiers away.


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