Kurulus Osmsn Episode 106 in urd

Kurulus Osmsn Episode 106 in urdu

At the beginning of the drama serial Roo Usman episode number 106, you will see that Usman talks to La Khanna that Sultana is not going beyond her limits.

He didn’t set Kenta free from Zeiss just like that for any reason, Malhoon Khan says that he has the blood of a murderer of innocent people on his hands.

Orhan says Baba what will we do now Usman says we will do it Alauddin says Baba, what should we do?

Usman says that we will do what we have been doing. Hanur goes to Targat and says that Usman is saying.

When the afternoon has not arrived, Targat says that what Usman has done to me is fine, so he says noor.

Tergat sir, have you forgotten your purpose?Tergat says he has not forgotten Mirfarz is the most important thing for Mir

Where are you standing? Where are you standing? Where are you standing? Says Anagol. You say Tergat. Then here the order will also follow. This is the key to this castle.

So they are fine here, Gat tells his soldiers to leave him at the door, and then he leaves, Osman says.

Malhun Khan, you go to Yeni Shahr and prepare better soldiers and he says to Bala, you will besieged with me, then Bala says we are with you, Hazor Usman. says

Enemies are many inside and outside.They will all think that we have stopped, but we will not cry.

They will be taught more, but how do they say Jeet?Asma meets Salta Nah Kenta from Zeenas and tells him that you will work with me to kill Usman.

Zeiss says to Kenta, are you with us, Salta says no, Usman is getting too powerful.

So it has to be stopped, so we have to work together, says Kenta

After Uthman’s victory, he would have to be stopped before he could make another move, they argued.

That one of Usman’s men listens to them and says that you are working with him.

He is now watching as Salta’s soldiers capture him


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