Kurulus osman part 2


Kurulus osman part 2


Watch the drama serial Usman in episode 1 part 2,

you will see that Usman has invited a giant and many traders have also been

killed in this giant, including all the traders and Usman’s sons. There are

And some merchants come there and they are very happy to see that Uthman was among us,

see he has gone far and we can earn a lot by working with him.

They come after talking to each other, when Usman Sahab comes,

he greets everyone and sits in his place. He asks everyone about the situation.

They tell us, Usman says that the situation is very bad now,

we have to do a lot of work to move forward.

Osman gives responsibility to

even his elder son Burhan and tells his younger son Alao Din that you should focus

only on your studies. Now Osman is explaining to everyone.

The soldier comes and gives a dead weapon

Uthman begins to read the advice of Uthman quickly,

he tells everyone that today’s demon ends here,

they all leave immediately. Uthman also comes quickly and the soldiers.

Says that Noor has sent a message from Constantinople that they want to kill the Sultan

Saman says that’s why we are going to Constantinople, prepare quickly.

The soldiers are very happy and prepare to go to Constantinople. are

When they reach the bank of the river, a boat is ready.

Burhan says that we will cross the river with this boat.

Usman sits in the boat with his companions.

And they started to cross the river. Uthman saw the moon rising to the sky.

He says, “Look, the moon is at the top and those who follow the path of truth are always at the top.”







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