Kurulus Osman S3 episode 28 in Urdu dubbing

Kurulus Osman episode 28 in Urdu dubbing

I start walking towards my destination, I get sad And I can’t reach my destination and I get lost and when I see it again So I get to my destination.And I am happy to see her. On this Ikcha Khatun Sardar Sipa Salar tells Alp Muhammad

Arsalan that now I will make Zahra Sitara my guide to find my destination.And through it, I too will find my destination Akcha Khatun Sardar Sipa Salar Alp Muhammad Arsalan says that it means you.Akcha Khatun Sardar Sip Salar Alp Mohammad

Arsalan Sis under Yat Mans U.Your Venus Star is with me in the form of Sardar Sipah Salar Alp Muhammad Arsalan. You can find your destination through it whenever you want.At the beginning of this episode, Sipa Salar Alp Arsalan tells Akcha

Khatun that two human beings, a man and a woman, can have different paths.But the qiblah of both human beings is the same, so they do not have to worry about it After that, Sipa Salar Alp Mohammad Arsalan tells Akcha Khatun that he does

not want any in his life.You look to someone else to find a way with me.And I don’t like that at all.You are only mine and only mine.And I don’t like it when someone other than me sees you. I don’t like it at all.My heart just wants my

eyes to see you.And I don’t even want the air to feel your scent.And my heart wants no one but me to feel your fragrance and I want you to be with me and with me forever.And I want the two of us to never be far apart and not to be separated

Kurulus Osman episode 28 in Urdu dubbing


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