Kurulus Osman episode 27 in Urdu dubbing

Kurulus Osman episode 27 in Urdu dubbing

Alp Muhammad Arsalan Where are we going, Sardar?Sardar Salar Salar Alp Muhammad Arsalan in reply says to Akcha Khatun.I tell you to be patient and keep up the good work Sipah Salar Alp Mohammad Arsalan tells Akcha Khatun that I am

taking you to my favorite place.On the other hand, Adokia is sitting in her palace crying And I’m sorry that my uncle encourages Governor Adokia And he tells Adokia that your uncle is very important to me. We can only be patient and

do nothing else.”You promised me you would save my uncle in any case,” she told the governor.Tell me why you did not keep your promise to me and why you did not save my uncle.The governor repeatedly tries to reassure Adokia that the

governor has done his best to save his uncle’s life.But Adokia does not believe the weeping governor.After every tactic of the governor when Adokia refused the assurance of the governor Is So Governor Adokia tells me that I had no

choice but to hand over General Ducas to Commander-in-Chief Salar Alp Muhammad Arsalan.So the governor tells Adokia that he has handed over General Ducas to Sardar Sipa Salar Alp Muhammad Arsalan. Adokia is listening to the governor

Kurulus Osman episode 27 in Urdu dubbing

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