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Kurulus Osman Episode 125: The Epic Conclusion of a Historic Saga

Kurulus Osman, the popular Turkish TV series, has reached its highly anticipated finale with Episode 125, which aired on May 11, 2023. The show, which premiered on November 20, 2019, has captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers around the world with its epic storytelling, charismatic characters, stunning visuals, and rich cultural and historical references. As the final chapter unfolds, fans are eager to know how the fate of Osman Bey and his tribe, the Ottoman Empire, and the broader Islamic world will be decided.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive recap of Kurulus Osman Episode 125, analyze its key themes and moments, and speculate on its legacy and impact.


Warning: spoilers ahead!

The episode begins with a flashback to Osman’s childhood, where he witnesses the death of his father Ertugrul Bey and vows to continue his mission of uniting the Turkish tribes and establishing a just state. Then, the scene shifts to the present, where Osman is leading his army against the Byzantine and Mongol forces that have invaded his territory. The battle is fierce and bloody, but Osman’s tactical genius and bravery inspire his soldiers to fight with valor and determination.

Meanwhile, in the palace of Constantinople, the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaiologos is facing a rebellion from his own son Manuel, who accuses him of cowardice and incompetence. John tries to negotiate with the Mongol leader Nogai, who demands tribute and submission from the Byzantine Empire, but his efforts fail. In desperation, John sends a messenger to Osman, offering him a peace deal and the hand of his daughter Theodora in marriage. Osman agrees to the proposal but demands that John publicly renounce his claims to Turkish lands and acknowledge the sovereignty of the Ottoman state.

At the same time, Osman’s ally and friend Sheikh Edebali is trying to mediate between Osman and his brother Savci, who has been manipulated by the traitor Yavlak Arslan to join forces with the Byzantines. Edebali reminds Savci of their father’s legacy and urges him to repent and return to the righteous path. Savci resists at first, but when he sees the sacrifice and loyalty of Osman’s soldiers, he has a change of heart and decides to fight alongside his brother.

The final showdown takes place at the walls of Bursa, where the Byzantine and Mongol armies have amassed their full might. Osman, Savci, and their comrades charge bravely into the enemy lines, while Theodora watches from afar, torn between her duty and her love. The battle is fierce and chaotic, but gradually the tide turns in favor of the Ottomans. Osman and Mongke, the Mongol general, engage in a duel that lasts for several minutes and ends with Osman delivering a fatal blow to Mongke’s chest. Theodora rushes to Osman’s side, but he tnd leaves with her father, who accepts defeat and acknowledges the rise of tand expresses his gratitude and reverence for his legacy. He vows to contiOsman Episode 125 is a grand finale that encapsulates many of the themes and moments Osman Episode 125 Urdu Osman Episode 125






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