Kurulus Osman Episode 107 in urdu

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 in urdu

At the beginning of the drama serial, Usman, episode no. 107, Sultana tells Olaf that Usman will go to look for his brother Teje Aktimore.

And you have to catch him in a very big net, and then let him die, Olaf is very happy.

Uthman says that he will kill Uthman very easily.Olaf prepares his plan that he will kill Osman as soon as possible, Osman says.

Many of the chieftains belong to the sultan and are trying to prove their loyalty to the sultan, Usman says.

These Sardars are trying everything possible that they are trying to get Sultana to maintain their relationship,

but Gat says to Sultana that arrogance has blinded her.Usman does not want to get whatever he wants out of his arrogance.

What is Osman thinking and what does Osman want to do? Sultana asks Usman what do you want? You are so proud and arrogant, what do you want?

Sultana said to Usman that you are surprising me very much. Usman Sahab replied after some time.

I am not surprising you, I am showing you the truth that you have not seen yet, when you see it, you will be even more surprised.

Because another trick of Usman which is going to work or not is this Ter Gut Sahab who has met with Sultana to reveal the truth.

Very soon he would betray Sultana and give Uthman the gift that Sultana had offered himself.

That she is going to be unmasked with him as well as the one who is exposing the clothes in Usman’s palace.

Who is known by Bayinder Sahab and he is also working as an enemy, very soon Bayinder’s identity will also be clear.

Because this whole game is created by Byender, therefore he takes Sultana to Aktum Sahib first.

So that he can have a relationship and Oktham also agrees because he is helpless with his wife and Dengi Khan says

we have no objection to the relationship of Baindar Sahab.

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