Kurulus Osman Episode 105 Part 2

Kurulus Osman Episode 105 Part 2

At the beginning of the drama serial Ro Los Usman Episode No. 105 Part 2, you will see that after defeating Mar Mar Jak, Binder Sahab says.

That there is not much sleep here and this is mine, but Mr. Binder says, Mr. Binder, you should go and do your work. Binder is very angry.

And he says to Hussain, “Let’s all the soldiers tell Gat Sahab that you are entitled to this leadership,” Gat says.

According to Usman Sahab’s order, when Binder is on his way, he is on his way.

On the way, Farik attacks him with his companions. After a long fight, Farik takes Binder and Hussain to Olaf.

They are blindfolded and when they are untied, Olaf kills them with an ax in hand.

Joe walks up to a tree standing with Binder and then tells Binder I want your company.

In order to kill Osman, Binder says, “Why would I do that? What would be the use?” Olof tells one of his soldiers to go. The soldier goes.

Brings a sack with a lot of straw in it. Olof says look at it. Binder says that’s all Ollie says.

There will be more after destroying Usman, Binder says ok, I have some time, Binder leaves.

On the way, he meets Oktam sahab, so Binder asks where are you going, Oktam says, I am going to Ramarajak, don’t you know, he says.

So he says no, I don’t know. They all leave. Binder is very angry to come to the tribe, he says.

He said to me for the way, now he is celebrating the festival alone, sending me from there, he says to Hussain,

write my mother, Sultan Usman is not celebrating now.And he enters the inner workings of Constantinople.

Your slave Binder Usman throws a party at Marajak, where Kenta joins in.

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