Kurulus Osman Episode 105 In Urdu

Kurulus Osman Episode 105 In Urdu

In the beginning of the drama series Cry Usman episode number 105, you will see that Olaf is very angry.

And to take revenge on Usman, he will make another plan with his two friends and Kenta together with Zenis, which is called Ba La Mata.

He is very close to Uthman because he is in his house and he will say to him that you tell me what you can do. Uthman says you will only keep saying

And I will do that. The soldier comes and says that Olaf is coming, then Usman says, close the door and the soldiers try to do it, but the door does not close.

When the door won’t close, they all try together until Olaf gets very close to the door.

And then the door is also closed and the soldiers standing on the walls of the fort are surprised to see Olaf.

How come Osman’s soldiers have come to Marmarajak?Olof says very angrily to Osman, I will not leave you

Binder’s thought comes to mind when Usman takes the Marajic fort

Uthman will hand over this fort to me, but he has the feeling that Uthman does not consider it worthy.

Usman’s wife Malhoon asks Usman to whom are you giving this fort, is there anyone in your mind like that.

Who can protect him says Uthman I will see if this fort will be destroyed everyone is thinking about his place.

Who is going to get this fort? Octam says to Binder that Usman called me Marmarajak, don’t you know? Binder understands this.

Osman is going to give this fort to Oktam, so Binder goes to Olof saying that if we join together, our alliance will kill Osman.

Olof thinks that Binder is right and Olof believes that Mata is the one who attacked Osman’s wife and sons.

She is very surprised as to how Usman took Marma Rajak.She begins to burn even more in the fire of revenge, Bala Khan finally finds out

That this is what she was planning with the enemies to kill us, Kanta Koze Nas, who goes to Usman’s palace.

And to meet Malhoun KhaTun.

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