Kurulus Osman 3 Episode 16 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

Kurulus Osman 3 Episode 16 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, there is a fierce and two-on-two fight between Gihatu and his comrades and Siplar Salarcrolus Usman and his comrades.During the battle, the soldiers fight valiantly with Salarcrolus Usman and his comrades-in-arms.During this

battle, Gihatu and his comrades mercilessly attack Salar Crolus Usman and his comrades with their swords.Sipa Salarcrols are less numerous than Usman’s companions and more numerous than Gehato’s companions and they encircle them.As a result, Salar Crolus

Usman’s comrades were wounded and some of his comrades were killed in a battle with Gehato’s comrades.Gehato challenges Salar Crolus Usman and his comrades to this victory of his comrades and tells them who will save you from our hands now.

Sipa Salar Karols Usman and his comrades raise the slogan of Allah Akbar Allah Akbar in the air.Sipa Salar Krols Usman’s comrades are martyred while reciting Kalima Shahadat while dying during the battle.Gihatu and his companions surround Salar Crolus Usman

and turn their swords towards Salar Crolus Usman.And they injure him badly, and tell their leader, Gihatuku, that this is Sipa Salarkrolus Usman and his comrades.Gihatu tells his comrades that Usman Salarkrolus Usman is a great leader and should not be killed.

Rather, it should be trampled underfoot.He must die badly.On the other hand, Turgat, along with his comrades, enters the jungle in search of Salar Crolus Usman and his comrades.Nicola, on the other hand, appears in the forest with her companions, and the two

come face to face.Nicola says to Turgut you don’t have the guts to fight me you can only make me angry and you have so much courage You compete with me.Turgut tells Nicola to stop talking nonsense or you’ll be killed by a dog Nicola and her comrades begin to

fight with her and her companions.Nicola’s companion strikes Turgat from behind and Nicola comes from the front and says that I did not say that you cannot face me.Now you are crawling in front of me.

Kurulus Osman 3 Episode 16 Part 2 in Urdu dubbing

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