Kurulus Osman 3 Episode 16 in Urdu dubbing

Kurulus Osman 3 Episode 16 in Urdu dubbing

At the beginning of this episode, there is a conversation between Carols Usman and his brother in the palace of Carolus Usman.Carolus Usman tells his brother that when the water stops, there is no harm in it and people benefit from it.But whether the enemy is silent or fighting,

the enemy remains the enemy and can be harmed at any time So we must not be ignorant of our enemy.And we must always be ready to defend and fight our enemy.Carolus Usman would have been scolding his brother Boran angrily and making him fertile.That you have proved to be a very

careless person. Why did you sleep? You should know that you are a soldier and a soldier who is a soldier does not neglect and neglect his duties.And I am telling you because you are the guardian of your soldiers and you must always be ready to defend yourself and their enemy.

And if you do not, the enemy will defeat you and your companions.And remember, I will not tolerate this and I will not allow this to happen Carols Usman’s brother is listening carefully to Carols.And he assures his brother Carolus Usman, “Brother, don’t worry, it will be as

you want it to be.”I prepare myself and my military comrades and will remain so. You can rest assured that you will always be victorious in the face of the enemy.Carolus Usman is explaining to his brother Boran that the door of the palace is opened and the soldier approaches

Carolus Usman and stands up Order, my lord. Carolus Usman then asks if our horses are ready to fight On this the soldier tells Carolus Usman that our chiefs are ready to fight our enemy.Carolus Usman tells his soldiers in front of his brother Boran that we have wasted time

preparing our soldiers and horses to fight the enemy.And you go and convey my command to them and prepare them.This soldier would say that your command like my chief.On this the soldier immediately leaves to fulfill the order of the chief and he starts preparing his army

comrades and horses according to the order of the chief.

Kurulus Osman 3 Episode 16 in Urdu dubbing


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